Bin Laden, Killed in April 2011? As Ripley Said, "Believe It or Not"

Should the American public seriously believe Barack Obama's recent boastful public statement that Osama bin Laden was just recently killed by a U.S. Special Forces team in Pakistan? Well, in order to address this interesting issue, there was an event, not well known in history, that occurred on the German-Polish border in August of 1939, which really needs to revisited, studied, and cogently compared to salient events that occurred before, on, and directly after, September 11, 2001, in order to assert the truth of the frequently used expression that, "sad history invariably repeats itself over the decades and centuries."

Directly after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of the German Weimar Republic, in 1933, the newly formed Ministry of Propaganda, of the German Nazi government, began in earnest to indoctrinate the German masses to believe and appreciate the political lies, and anti-semitism, that would incrementally, but ultimately, allow Hitler and his thugs to declare war on Poland, the Soviet Union, and, later, the United States, and to reduce Germany and much of Europe to ashes. By 1939, the majority of the German people were pretty much convinced that Hitler was their economic savior due to the abundant corporate capitalism that flourished under the fascist Nazi regime, which totally eliminated unemployment, revalued the Deutsch-mark, and produced a basic war-time economy that had been strictly banned by the unenforced Treaty of Versailles, at the end of the First World War. Even American hero Charles Lindbergh extolled Hitler as a genius. Nevertheless, with a Nazi majority, by 1933, in the German Legislature, the Reichstag, Hitler was essentially allowed to implement any types of government and economic plans that he wanted to impose on the German people; and when German President Paul Von Hindenburg died, in 1934, Hitler called upon the Reichstag to declare him Fuhrer (dictator-leader) of the Nazi Third Reich, which they overwhelmingly chose to do.

As a result of Hitler's henchmen, Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels, being installed into high positions of leadership in the Nazi government, the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda headed by Goebbels controlled the German media, which included radio, newspapers, magazines, and books. Nothing was printed, or publicly uttered, after 1934, in opposition to Hitler or the Nazi regime without severe punitive retaliation from the Nazi Brownshirts and SS. By early 1939, the majority of the German Jews had already been disfranchised and relocated to Nazi concentration camps with the overwhelming approbation of a majority of the German people. The next step in the Nazi war plan was the invasion of Poland, which occurred in September 1939. But the German masses had to be fully convinced that Poland had created the aggression that called for German military retaliation and ultimate conquest. This convincing took the form of an effective propaganda tool, a well orchastrated Machiavellian plan of deception, cleverly created by Himmler and Goebbels, called the Gleiwitz incident.

Prior to 1939, the German Nazi bureaucracy was totally federal in nature. This central federal authority was comprised of many departments and agencies, and was located in Berlin, the capital of the Third Reich. From there every aspect of German life was effectively controlled. The military, comprised of the Wehrmach (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy), and the Luftwaffe (Air Force), was an instrument of the Nazi federal regime, and the Nazi Party, the dominating political organization was placed in control of all the military forces. Nazi civilian officers, who had no real military experience or knowledge, were appointed by Hitler and his political cronies to preside over the real military generals, field officers, and junior officers. The information system for the military was as tightly controlled as was the German media, so that the 2.8 million men and women in German military uniform only knew to be true what the Nazi regime was telling them. Over 99 percent of the men and women who served the German Nazi regime in uniform believed faithfully in the political and social efficacy of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. So, what does this say? Ninety-percent of all the murders committed by rank-and-file members of the German armed forces, from 1933 until 1945 (the average age of the typical German GI was 30), were done believing that they were necessary according to orders that had been given by superior officers.

This condition of propagandized mind control prevailed in Nazi Germany, especially during 1939 just prior to the Gleiwitz incident. According to detailed records that emerged from the investigations associated with the Nuremberg (war crimes) Trials, Himmler and Goebbels concocted the Gleiwitz plan and, thereafter, ordered SS Chief Reinhard Heydrich and Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller to execute it. According to the available records, a small group of SS soldiers, led by an officer named Naujocks, were ordered to dress in Polish military uniforms and seize the radio station at Gleiwitz, Germany. After the seizure, the German soldiers broadcast an inflamatory anti-German message in Polish to the German people, denouncing Hitler. To make the attack of the station look more perusasively convincing, the SS used a lethal injection to kill a German Silesian, named Franciszek Honiok, who was widely known for his Polish sympathies. After they killed him, Honiok's corpse was dressed to look like a Polish saboteur, given a gunshot wound, and left with several other corpses (German political prisoners from the Dachu concentration camp killed and dressed in German Wermacht uniforms) to set the stage for propaganda pictures and films to show the German nation.

All of the plans associated with the Gleiwitz incident were contrived by devious pragmatic fascists to fool a nation of sheepish Germans into believing that an attack on a much weaker nation, Poland, was ultimately necessary to preserve the security of the Nazi state. And they were perverse deceptions, propaganda designed by thugs to deceive in the name of tyranny. With primitive electronic technology, primarily associated with radio, and brutal thuggery, the Nazis succeeded in duping a nation of literate, freedom-loving, intellectual human beings to believe things that were simply not true, and to support a war machine that dealt in "shock and awe" as it pulverized Poland to an almost stone-age condition.

Does this sound, to any degree, modernly familiar? Well, let's go ahead in history 52 years to September 1990, when President George H. Bush and Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney told the American people on national television that NSA satellite photos had revealed that all of Saddam Hussain's massive Iraqi military forces were poised on the Saudi-Kuwati border, threatening an invasion of Saudi Arabia. So the entire nation got behind Operation Desert Storm, where, later, Baghdad, and most of Iraq, was pummeled by bombs and missiles back to the Stone Age. But, in hindsight, what would the average American voter have said, and how would she have responded, to the Bush/Cheney proclamation about Saddam Hussain, if she had known, prior to that massive invasion of Iraq, that Bush's and Cheney's statement had only amounted to a bunch of lies?

What if the average voter had known that a Pulitizer nominated journalist, named Jean Heller (of the "St. Petersburg Times"), had been very suspicious of what Bush and Cheney had said about Saddam Hussain's massive army being poised on the Saudi-Kuwati border threatening an invasion of Saudi Arabia. Jean Heller had been so suspicious that she persuaded her newspaper publisher to purchase, from the Russians, satellite pictures taken by the Soyez-Karta commercial satellite of the same ground on the Saudi-Kuwati border, on October 8 and September 13, 1990, where, where Bush and Cheney had said that NSA satellite photos had revealed the entire Iraqi Army waiting to invade. Heller obtained the photos and had the film thoroughly analyzed by former-Pentagon satellite photo analysts, one of whom was Peter Zimmerman (who had served with the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency during the Reagan administration). Their analysis revealed something not so really startling to Heller. It revealed that Bush and Cheney had lied about the photos. The Soyez-Karta pictures showed only undisturbed sand on that border ground, and the fact that Saddam Hussain's 500,000 man army (with thousands of tanks and artillery) was actually never there, but, rather, nearer the Kuwati-Iraqi border, and in southern Iraq.

So what did Jean Heller do after discovering the truth? In late 2002, I spoke to Jean by phone in Florida, and asked her what she had discovered in her investigation, and what her subsequent actions had been. She told me that she had immediately called the Pentagon and challenged Cheney to publicly compare photos, which he had blatantly refused to do. She, therefore, wrote her story, which was originally published in the "St. Petersburg Times" on January 6, 1991. Though the story was placed in a timely fashion on the AP and UPI wire services, the "St. Petersburg Times" was the only newspaper to carry the gifted writer's story. This led me to think that Cheney must have immediately called Bush, who probably made some intimidating, if not threatening, calls to the major newspaper publishers, in much the same fashion as JFK did to "New York Times" publisher, Orvil Dryfoos, when Dryfoos was quietly "persuaded" by Kennedy not to publish a story about the Cuban missile crisis in October 1963. Nowadays, though, Presidents have their axmen (nameless ex-military paramilitary strongmen), who do their intimidating for them.

Hence, are there any noticable similarities between the facts surrounding the Gleiwitz incident in 1939, leading up to the invasion of Poland, and the U.S. assault on Iraq, called Operation Desert Storm, in 1991? First off, it would appear that, both, the Nazis and the U.S. federal government had control of the state media, in order to ensure that their propaganda went unopposed before the public eye. Fascism can actually take the form of an illusion of liberty and freedom, especially when the citizens of a republic are duped into thinking that their central federal government is doing what is best for them. Secondly, people died unnecessarily in both instances, in 1939 and in 1991. As a result of the U.S. federal deception, American GIs, who unknowingingly obeyed illegal orders to attack a nation-state that shouldn't have been attacked, innocent Iraqi civilians, and unwitting Iraqi soldiers died unnecessarily in Operation Desert Storm. I suppose that the major difference between the Nazi Gleiwitz incident and the plot hatched by Bush and Cheney to deceive the American public is that, to my knowledge, Bush and Cheney did not have to order anyone murdered to consumate the deception. Yet, if it had come to that necessary juncture in order to ensure its end result, perhaps unmitigated pragmatism might have had its sway.

Pressing on a bit, to September 11, 2001, also known as 9/11, there are currently over 1.5 million members of the U.S. electorate, comprising quite a few 9/11 victims' families, who continue to firmly believe that the American Government was, in some way, directly complicit in a federally concocted conspiracy to bomb the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon in order to create another national scare, such as the one that was created by the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Such a second Pearl Harbor-like event was intended to bring the United States into conflict with the strict fundamentalist Islamic world of the Middle East (a peculiar people and culture perceived as much an enemy today as were the Japanese during the 2nd World War). Many reasonable and insightful American citizens believe that this de jure state-of-war with Islam was originally concocted in shadowy smoke-filled rooms on Capitol Hill, and in the operations rooms at the White House, the CIA, and the Pentagon; and implemented as a very bloody public distraction, in order to keep the hardworking American electorate from dwelling upon the subtle and incremental economic changes occuring around them, which have, to date, nearly transformed the American dollar into a devalued currency, and the sovereign American economy into a global monstrosity, all for the benefit of a very few very wealthy people. The most critical of these changes have occurred since 1990, the greatest of them since 2001; and the most significant of these changes could not have been effected without the federal government imposing a severely unreasonable, basically unconstitutional, set of restrictions on personal liberty such as was the Patriot Act (which nearly all members of Congress overwhelmingly approved before even reading the bill). In a nutshell, it has all been about money and the acquisition of valuable money-making resources by a very few, very wealthy man and women (both American and foreign nationals), who have had the political and financial power, motive, and opportunity to shape domestic and foreign policy within the U.S. government for their benefit.

So, are we to fully believe, and have total trust in, the federal governments's (Barack Obama's) proclamation that Osama bin Laden was killed by a SEAL team in Pakistan in early April 2011? If he was killed, produce the body, have conclusive DNA testing done by a non-political professor of micro-biology, picked from 10 professors of micro-biology from the University of Texas Health Centers, out of a hat, and have journalist Jean Heller there to receive and present the results of the testing to the nation. That's the only way I would believe that it was "really" Bin Laden who was killed, whose death picture was supposedly published on the Internet. The facts are the facts, but cosmetics expertly applied to a dead corpse may be just as convincing to a sizable portion of a gullible American public, who believe that the federal government can do and say no wrong, as Nazi propaganda was to the German public. Remember that the Nazis, with primitive technology and cunning strategy, were able to dupe the same brilliant people who, in large part, gave the world atomic energy. The television/Internet technology of the 21st Century is, probably, over a thousand times more persuasive to a hedonistic, narcissistic, entertainment-bent American public than the Nazis' propaganda effort was to an intellectual German nation. And one of the best methods of disinformation the U.S. federal government has concocted in the last 40 years has been by presenting, on television, radio, and the Internet, flag-drapped fa