Comedy Comes Natural For Robin

The summer beat goes on and the fun doesn't stop here in Chicago. We are coming to the end of July with a few totally free ideas to keep your groove going entertainment tonight during these hot sizzling days and nights.

ZL: I actually, oddly enough, entered to audition for a Food Network program and in the audition they said, "Wow, you are so incorrect for this show." I was like ok and we chuckled about it and they we like "you're kinda over qualified. We're not looking for a comical take it's more of a straight hosting gig but there is this program called 'Three Sheets' about hiring a comedian person the journeys all over the world and drinks, is that something you would be interested in?" And I'm like yea.

An excellent way to start a Disney-Marvel crossover would be to try a computer game series. One similar to Kingdom Hearts. A crossover in between characters from Disney and Last Dream. Such a video game involving both Disney and Marvel would benefit a number of factors. It would bring the young and older audiences they have actually been pursuing, both male and female. Such a game would have ten times the sales of Kingdom Hearts and blow it from the water. In fact, it would be the finest method mix Disney and Marvel characters without beating the gun. If a Disney-Marvel hybrid film or television series was attempted, the same method they would.

ZL: It's a byproduct of my profession. I'm a comedians and I want to think I might have made cars as exciting or animals or interior design or whatever the show. I'm a clever sufficient individual that I can enter something I find fascinating and alcohol is among those things.

First on the list, is Comic Quest, located at 28 East State Street in Redlands, CA This store has to do with a 30 minute drive from Palm Springs but deserves the drive. The guys here are educated and very friendly about their items. They have lots of comics consisting of a selection of made use of comics and some vintage comics. They likewise carry trading cards, action figures, novels, and have a fantastic membership service. For more details call them at -LRB-909-RRB-\u00a0978-1262.

The program went into limbo when its original network MOJO went off the air in December following the third season however has been resurrected on the Fine Living Network (FLN), who is presently airing the fourth season on Mondays at 10 p.m. with repeats airing through the week in the 10 p.m. time slot.

Admittedly, there are more brilliant comedians than these, but going back to the fantastic ones is a fantastic method to reconstruct your faith in comedy. Bill Hicks might be dead, but he survives on through You Tube if you wish to check him out. Do it and you'll be laughing till you double over.